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NolaProCS is a powerful & scalable ERP Platform

Our Features


Quickly manage customers, employees and vendors.


Double entry accounting with industry standard accounts.

Order Mgmt

Quickly view client orders and vendor purchases.


In-depth receivables, quotes, POS and recurring invoices.


Organize bills, write checks and issue purchase orders.

Job Tracking / Costing

Collect and manage associated job data and costs.


Track inventory costs, stock quantities and price levels.


Complete HR processing with integrated Timeclock


Your modules. Your industry. Your choice.

Data Backups

Automatic daily system backups for all cloud users.

Secure Site

PCI verified protection used to safeguard your data.

Free Updates

A seamless, real-time service to all cloud subscribers.

A fully customizable solution for the Construction industry



Dozens of add-ons and tons of setup choices.

Run your books how you run your company.

Easy.  Affordable.  Flexible.

International version available upon request.



Need specific accounting functions or inventory control?

No problem.

Request NolaProCS Modifications.

Make your ERP a perfect fit.



Using 3rd party utilities?

Or build your own web-based app?

Integrate NolaProCS for instant financial management!

Source Code available in select cases.

Inventory Management

  • Track stock levels and committed inventory across multiple locations
  • Cost of Goods Tracking: FIFO, LIFO, Location Average or Company-Wide Average
  • Stock Level Counting: Cycle counts and full inventory counting to adjust stock levels with mobile-friendly interface
  • Inventory Transfers: Create, ship and receive transfers from location to location
  • Assignable Bins and Zones
  • Price Levels & Markup Sets
  • Build Orders (Convert and build new inventory items from existing items)
  • Bar Codes with support for custom designs
  • Set default General Ledger accounts for Sales, Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold based on item category and item type (stock, non-stock, other charges, rentals)

Sales Orders,
  Work Orders,
    and POS

  • Create invoices via Point of Sale
  • Fulfilment Ordering, Shipping and Invoicing
  • Order Quotes
  • Service Orders
  • Rental Orders, including pickup tracking and cycle billing
  • Credit Card Support: swipe to charge, manual CC number entry, built with Castles MP200 CC terminals, or take payment via B2B web portal (customer login and payments via secure web browser)
  • ACH / EFT payments supported
  • RMA System
  • Check & Cash Payment tracking
  • Sales Taxes: import, auto-apply based on city/county/state, full and partial exemptions for ship-to locations and jobs
  • Shipment Estimating
  • Linkable to Job
  • Customer Credit System with option to set credit limits per Job
  • Order Deposit Payments
  • Invoice Terms and Interest calculating
  • Profit Margin display and ability to use as basis to set pricing
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Drop Shipping
  • Returns, Refunds and Credits
  • Per-customer, per-job and per-location special sales pricing
  • Price Override Requests with approval system

Purchase Orders

  • Set item pricing per vendor with ability to define quantity discounts and purchase units
  • Generate Vendor Bills from Purchase Orders
  • Track Purchase Order receipts and accumulate against an Accrued Purchases GL account; relieve Accrued Purchases by converting PO receipts to Vndor Bills
  • Generate POs automatically via Sales Orders, Item Reorder List (report) with min/max values assigned to an item, or manually by user entry
  • Create Purchase Order proposals for review prior to making them official POs

Customers (CRM)

  • Store basic billing, shipping and additional contact point info for your customers along with optional custom fields
  • Flexible, definable Invoice Terms to incentivize timely collection the way you prefer
  • View a consolidated list of all activity with customers including communications, notes, quotes, orders, invoices and payments
  • Automatically or manually generate monthly customer statements and deliver via email, fax, or physical copy
  • Create Customer Surveys to gather feedback that can be automatically emailed when invoices are created
  • Adjust Account Statuses as needed by marking customers as on-hold, closed, or prelimable
  • Import Customers and make mass changes by exporting to CSV and reimporting with revised data

Vendors (CRM)

  • Store basic payment, order-from and additional contact point info for vendors along with notes and custom fields
  • Set up Vendor Terms to match the payment schedules of your vendors
  • View a consolidated list of all activity with the vendor including communications, notes, purchase orders, bills and payments
  • Create Custom Surveys to gather feedback from your vendors
  • Manage insurance and other required certificates for your vendors

Vendor Bills

  • Create or import Vendor Bills, or generate from Purchase Orders
  • Generate checks en masse and print onto blank check stock, or a predefined template
  • Add an authorization layer for vendor payments by turning on the payment pre-approval system
  • Track individual credit card purchases and roll up into a credit card statement vendor bill

Job Tracking

  • Store general information about jobs including status, customer, address, GPS coordinates, etc.
  • Track details of jobs that qualify for prelimnary notices (prelimable) including prelim estimates, credit limits and dates
  • Add bank, insurance and architect details for jobs
  • View Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills and labor hours linked to the job
  • View a consolidated activity list for jobs that includes notes, orders, invoices, purchases, vendor bills and payments
  • Track Job Costs from labor, shipments and Vendor Bills all the way to the General Ledger level
  • View job profitability and variance from definable job budgets
  • Manage waivers with definable waiver types
  • Levelset (aka: Zlien) integration: send job, invoice and customer details to Levelset for management and approval of preliminary notices and liens


  • Over 150+ standard reports available by default NolaPro
  • Custom Report Writer built-in to generate your own reports
  • See for currently available reports
  • End-of-month auto-archiving of key reports is available

B2B Web Portal

  • Provide a way for Customers to view Invoices, create Orders and make Payments
  • Allow vendors to view Purchase Orders and Bills, and monitor when Payments have been issued

3rd Party Software Integrations

  • Built-in credit card support for USA ePay and
  • 3DCart eCommerce
  • Shopify eCommerce
  • Magento eCommerce
  • Zen Cart eCommerce
  • osCommerce eCommerce
  • NolaPro API (for custom integrations)
  • Levelset (Lien management)
  • RingCentral (Fax delivery of invoices)
  • Positive Pay (Check details sent to bank to authorize checks)
  • vTiger CRM

General Ledger

  • Month / Year Close
  • Department and Location Tracking
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budgets
  • Recurring Entries
  • Account Summarization
  • Import Entry Sets
  • Subledger vs General Ledger Reconciliation Reports for Sales, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Accrued Purchases, Customer Deposits, Inventory and Out On Rent

Bank Deposits and Reconciliation

  • Generate and track deposits made to bank accounts from Invoice Payments, Order Deposits and Direct GL Entries
  • Reconcile payment and checking accounts against the General Ledger
  • Quickly reconcile large quantities of transactions with the High Volume bank rec option
  • Ability to select the date when each transaction clears your bank


  • Store general information about Employees including name, address, date of hire, shift, pay rate, marital status, etc.
  • Track Employee hours with a TimeClock System for employees to clock in and out
  • Generate Payroll checks or NACHA formatted direct deposit files you can upload to your bank
  • Manage Employee deductions, company benefits, taxes, workers' compensation and other related elements to ensure your company is directing payroll dollars properly to be in compliance with relevant regulations
  • Automatically import federal and state tax tables

Document Attaching

  • The majority of records in NolaPro allow for files to be attached, so you can upload documents for Customers, Vendors, Employees, Jobs, Orders, Invoices, Vendor Bills and many others
  • Users can input scan documents containing QR codes to auto-attach files onto NolaPro records
  • Order shipment confirmation & signature scans can be configured to auto-generate an Invoice for the shipment after scanning